BA Honours  Drawing and Painting, Edinburgh College of Art

For as long as I can remember I have loved painting and scribbling.  I set up my art studio in 2003 after graduating from Edinburgh College of Art with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Drawing and Painting.  I remained in Edinburgh, a city that I love,  focusing on my art and exhibiting in Galleries throughout the UK. I became well known for my postcard size smoky images of the female nude, which stemmed from  a love of 19th Century nude photography and an admiration for the old masters such as Caravaggio and Rubens. Art critics have described my nudes as being ‘ reminiscent of Degas and those Victorian photographs of women accidentally glimpsed in domestic surroundings’. I have won several large awards for these paintings and in 2006 I became runner up at the prestigious Lynn Painter Stainer prize at Painters Hall in London for the series of nudes below . This award aims to promote the art of figurative painting and skill of draugtmanship and attracts over 800 entries.


‘Slow Dancing’ oil on board

In 2008 I moved back to North Norfolk where I now live  with my husband and daughter and paint in my studio on the coast.  As well as painting the nude, I take inspiration from the natural landscape surrounding me. I attempt to paint the vast skies and limitless horizons and the constantly shifting landscape. My paintings have become about light and I try to play upon the ethereal qualities of the light affecting the landscape. I allow the paint to reveal and hide details within the canvas, making the build up of thin layers to be as important as the subject matter. I enjoy suggesting things within the paintings, sometimes ambiguous or dramatic.

My paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout the UK and I am represented by the Lime Tree Gallery in Long Melford and Bristol and The Appleyard Gallery in Norfolk.

I love painting, the smell of paints, new brushes, going to Art Galleries,  photos and studios.  I love travelling, watching ballet, reading, interiors, long walks, trees, light rays, moody skies and birdsong.  I love my beautiful family and wonderful friends.